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Established in 2004 as a successor to the National Soccer League (SNL), A-League is the highest-level professional men’s football league in New Zealand and Australia and one of the most entertaining football leagues in the world. And besides offering an excellent viewing experience, the A-League is also a very attractive football league to bet on, especially with the right tools.

Our A-League betting hub includes just that – links and articles that will help you in your A-League betting endeavour – namely expert match betting previews, outright selections, as well as news and notes to keep you up to date with all the important developments in Australia’s football league.

When Is A-League Held?

A-League is traditionally held between October and May, from Spring through Autumn and as of 2022, it features 163 games between 12 professional football clubs. The matches are held on Friday-Sunday, with weekdays either seeing no action or league cup matches.

There were some slight adjustments to the season’s length over the last few years, notably the 2022/21 season, which had to be moved to December-June due to the COVID pandemic.

A-League Betting Picks & Previews

Find our expert A-League match analysis and in-depth betting previews for each round of the A-League season below. Our betting previews comprise an in-depth look at each A-League team’s strengths and weaknesses and a final selection from our betting experts.

A-League Season Preview & A-League Outright Predictions

Check out our season previews and outright betting selections for A-League, written by our team of betting experts and analysts. Besides pre-season previews, we will keep this section up to date with additional outright picks we find during the season.

A-League News & Notes

Stay up to date with recent events in A-League with our news and notes, where we share our findings, notable developments in the league, and other news and notes that will guide you on your A-League betting journey.

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Stay tuned for A-League news and betting notes!


Why Should You Follow and Bet on A-League

If you’re wondering why you should follow and bet on A-League, you might want to ask yourself why not?

Admittedly, A-League does not hold as much prestige as the Premier League, Serie A, or any other major football league, but that’s never a good reason to feel like it doesn’t deserve your attention.

A-League is one of our favourite minor football leagues to bet on, which in part has to do with the success we’ve achieved betting on Australian football. And that’s directly related to our betting experts’ ability to identify picks.

Due to its schedule, A-League matches fill the void over the weekend as you wait for the major league games to start, and you can’t really complain about having more games to bet on.

So, in short, there are a few reasons you might want to consider betting on A-League.

  • Entertaining games
  • High-scoring league
  • Excellent betting opportunities


As one of the minor football leagues, A-League is often overlooked by sports bettors, but that’s just another reason why you might want to start betting on it. As a fairly competitive league, where the public’s perception of the teams’ strength is often overvalued, A-League offers a plethora of excellent betting opportunities.