A look at our Premium Sports Betting Platform

Premium Sports Betting Platform - Betting Tips and Previews

Premium Sports Betting Platform - Betting Tips and Previews

Premium Sports Betting Platform – Betting Tips and Previews

Our premium membership platform has been online for quite some time now during that time it was freely available for all users, but the time has come for us to close the doors and make the content as well as new features that are coming to our platform available for premium members only.

Let’s take a look at what we offer, all the current and upcoming functions and features and how we plan to evolve the platform to create the ultimate sports betting platform, which will serve all sports bettors no matter their experience or their goals with sports betting – from people looking to become a professional sports bettor, those who are simply looking to bet as a means of an additional income and even those who want to add some additional excitement to their Sunday’s football match.

That, however, does not mean that we will completely abandon our free users!

We have recently ramped up our free previews and every day you can expect at least two free betting previews on our main site and even more free betting tips and previews on the weekends.


Premium Sports Betting Platform – Sports Coverage

Our large network of professional tipsters and analysts allows us to cover a vast array of sports and leagues in order to cater to as many sports bettors as possible. That being said, we have never given up on our goal to further expand our service to exploit as many betting markets as possible. While we work on expanding, we first and foremost value the professionalism and value of our services, in a bid to prevent our expansion harming the overall quality of our services.

wide coverage, from soccer to esports
wide coverage, from soccer to esports


The current coverage includes most of the soccer leagues, NFL, NCAAF, NBA, esports, rugby, F1, tennis and cycling.


For the current season, we will provide previews for both NBL and Winter sports for free on our main site.





In 2020 we plan to add Cricket as a free option on our main site and expand premium service with MMA and two golf services/profiles, while horse racing and tennis will see increased activity. Other than more “traditional” sports, we will also jump a bit deeper into the esports waters by adding Call of Duty League as well as both North American (LCS) and European (LEC) League of Legends leagues to our esports portfolio.

You can expect every League of Legends (LCS and LEC) match to be accompanied by a short preview of the match, with occasional longer previews, depending on the match itself. As for our Call of Duty League previews, we plan on providing full previews of the events as they take place throughout the season.

Both LEC and LCS are well-known leagues they need no special introduction to people familiar with esports in general. On the other side, Call of Duty League (CDL) will enter its inaugural season in 2020 with a completely new format, teams and rules as compared to the Call of Duty World League. We have provided a complete guide to CDL, to help new esports bettors as well as seasoned veterans better understand how the inaugural CDL will look like, what we can expect and how will it play out.

You can read the mentioned Call of Duty League introduction guide along with the pre-season ranking.


Premium Sports Betting Platform – A look at sport/tipster’s profiles

All of our tipster/sport profiles come with a short explanation of how should you use the provided predictions efficiently. Alongside that, we also provide our members with the tools, websites and bookmakers we recommend and should work well with the advice we provide. We keep monitoring the internet for new tools that would be of value for any bettor and testing the bookmakers’ reliability ourselves and we try to keep these sections as updated as possible.

A look at our Premium Sports Betting Platform


Into & Coverage – a short description of the service, what leagues & tournaments are included, how many tips per week/month…

Bankroll Impact & Strategy – suggestion on how much should you wager on certain tipsters tips, which bets are categorized as high impact one, which ones should be bet on with less impact. If we take CSGO an example, we bet most of the matches with the High impact, but we recommend you to use the Low Impact for the tips we recommend on lower leagues with odds from soft bookmakers.

Tools – a section dedicated to all the tools & websites that work well with our service. We cover all the live score & stream sites, statistics, mobile apps, odds comparison sites,…

Bookmakers – a section where we rate bookmakers based on their suitability with our service. Here we share our thoughts on which bookmakers our users should take advantage of and which bookmakers should be avoided.

Download results – If you want results in a “raw data format”, you can download all results in a single spreadsheet.


Premium Betting Platform – Predictions

If we take a look at our individual tip section, we can see a couple of sections like No bet under, Bankroll impact, Alternative/additional bet, Spread betting suggestion (we recommend all bets on the Spreadex platform) and a short match preview with reasoning behind the bet along with all the typical data you would expect to see with the prediction.

Preview: we try to explain our thinking process behind picking the prediction as concise as possible while keeping all the relevant data included. Due to time constraints, not all of our predictions are accompanied with written previews, but you can rest assured each prediction has a reasoning behind it, despite not being put into writing.

No bet under: Pretty self-explanatory – the minimum odds you should take the bet on. If you have a lot of soft accounts available and access to a betting broker, you should have no problems catching or even beating the odds we recommend.

Alternative/additional bets: As the name suggests, here we add an alternative and/or additional bet, we believe is worth a punt. Most of the time those will be longshot bets or alternative bets on another market.

Spread Betting Option: Additional/alternative bet for the spread betting users, all bets available on the Spreadex platform


Premium Betting Platform – Future development

Our goal for the future is to create a one-stop platform for all of your betting activities, betting models, sharp bookmakers and betting broker integration, betting previews and predictions, and all the information you can imagine.

We plan to continue developing and expanding the platform in 2020 with new features and functions, which will help us get closer to our ultimate goal, which is offering a perfect betting platform for any bettor.

In other words, we plan on using the idea of the discontinued Stratabet and improve on the concept, by adding previews, predictions, value indicators, all the useful data and many more features, which will all be available and affordable for all demographics. While we would like to share more information about our goals and upcoming features, there are some tools we plan on the implementing, which we can’t reveal just yet, as they are not available to the public and we would like to keep them a secret until the right time comes.