Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers – NBA

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - NBA Betting Preview and Prediction

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - NBA Betting Preview and Prediction

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers – NBA Betting Preview and Prediction

We have got a Western-Conference showdown on our hands as the conference leaders, LA Lakers take a trip to Denver, where the two sides will look to claim a W to bounce back from their disappointing results in the previous round.


Lakers 10-game winning run comes to a close

LA Lakers have been the dominant force in the West, as they entered their 20th fixture of the season with a streak of 10 consecutive wins, only to lose against Dallas Mavericks, who shock them with a dominant performance which saw Lakers kneel down (100:114). Prior to that defeat, Lakers decimated Washington Wizards (125:103), New Orleans Pelicans (114:110), SA Spurs (114:104) and edged past Grizzlies (109:108).

In regards to their clash with Dallas, Lakers started the match strong, claiming a five-point lead in Q1 (30:25), only to see Dallas reduce the gap to three points in Q2 (34:32), meaning the two sides entered the second half separated by three points. That being said, Lakers were in for a shock in Q3, where Dallas turned on their jets and outscored them by 18 points (35:17), which earned them an impressive 15-point lead (94:79) ahead of the last quarter. That proved to be too much for Lakers to come back from. Last quarter ended with 21:20 in favor of Lakers, who suffered a shock defeat against Dallas (114:100).

The top scorer of the night was the young superstar Luka Doncic, who scored 27 points, to which he added nine rebounds and 10 assists. David as well scored 27, and added 10 rebounds and two assists. James was the third-best shooter of the night with 25 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.


Denver Nuggets counting on home-court advantage

Denver Nuggets are entering their 18th fixture of the season with an impressive 13-4 record on the year which was overshadowed by their disastrous performance against Kings, who bested them 100:97 after overtime this past weekend. Prior to their defeat against Sacramento, Denver defeated Washington Wizards (117:104), Phoenix Suns (116:104), Boston Celtics (96:92) and Houston Rockets (105:95).

Denver entered their bout with Sacramento with a 10-game winning streak behind them, which made many believe they will have an easy time against the struggling Kings and considering they have accumulated a 17-point lead (57:40) in the first two quarters, it was easy to expect Denver were to add yet another dominant win to their record. Those expectations, however, crumbled to dust in Q3, where for some weird reason Nuggets severely underperformed and got outscored by nine points (18:27). Their problems, however, did not stop there, seeing how they once more put up a disappointing show in Q4 (15:23), which allowed Kings to tie the match and force overtime. While Nuggets improved slightly in the overtime, Kings had the momentum on their side, which helped them secure a W with three points to spare (100:97). With that, Kings secured a shocking, yet well-deserved win against Nuggets who managed to drop the ball despite leading by 17 points by the end of the first half.

Top scorer of the night was Barnes with 30 points, five rebounds and one assist, followed by Harris with 25 points, three rebounds and one assist and Hield with 21 points, seven rebounds and three assists.


Verdict & Prediction

There is no hiding the fact Nuggets have one of the best home-court advantages in the league, due to high altitude. They are entering the Wednesday’s bout with Lakers with 8-2 at Pepsi Center and will look to make it 9-2 by the end of the night. That being said, we would not put too much weight on their home advantage here, simply because Lakers are not too reliant on their outside shot, but rather take advantage of their strong inside presence with Davis and Howard, who we believe will be a huge nuisance for Jokic.


As we see it this is a kind of a match we can expect to see in the playoffs, meaning teams will be heavily invested in the offense, rather than in defense, which in turn means we are in for a high scoring bout. While we are certain there will be plenty of points on display, we still need to give our thoughts on which team will come out victorious. Both had an incredible run up to their defeats last weekend, yet we feel like Lakers have an edge here. As mentioned, we don’t believe Denver’s home court advantage will play a huge role, instead, it will be the inside presence, that will decide the balance of power between the two heavyweights and with Dwight and Howard at Lakers, the visitors are in our eyes the team to beat.


Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers to win
Odds: 2.20 Bet365