Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2019 Betting Preview

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

Formula One travels to Singapore this weekend for the 15th race of the season, meaning we have just entered the final third of the 2019 season. The 2019 Singapore Grand Prix will mark the 12th running at Marina Bay, which is known for being a bumpy, narrow and challenging track with several slow corners, unforgiving sectors, and high humidity, making it one of the most challenging tracks of the season, which does not allow for any mistakes from drivers.

Looking at last season results at Singapore Grand Prix, we got to see Lewis Hamilton claim his seventh win of the season and his fourth at Marina Bay, which meant he caught up with Sebastian Vettel (2011,2012,2013,2015) and is now tied with the German as the most successful racer of the Singapore Grand Prix. Should he repeat his success this year as well, Hamilton would surpass Vettel and tie his record of three consecutive wins, which Vettel claimed between 2012-2015.


Ferrari to struggle compared to Red Bull and Mercedes

Ahead of the Marina Bay race, Mercedes leads the constructor standings with 438 points, followed by Ferrari with 288 and Red Bull at third with 244. Ferrari managed to pass Red Bull due to incredible displays from Leclerc, who won his first two races of the season in Belgium and Italy. That being said, we cannot imagine seeing Leclerc winning here, considering this not suited for Ferrari cars. While they have enjoyed solid runs at a power-sensitive Monza and Spa, the race at Marina Bay is all about slow corner and high downforce performance, which, is not something Ferrari are strong at.

It’s worth noting Ferrari won Singapore Grand Prix in 2015 when Vettel won his fourth race at Marina Bay. Vettel also finished third here last season.

Red Bull on the other side can’t be too happy with dropping down to third, which is a result of their racers failing to claim a win in the last three races. That being said, Verstappen has been racing extremely well so far, claiming five podium finishes and two wins this season. The last time Verstappen stood on the podium was in Hungary, where he narrowly lost to Hamilton, leaving us to believe the Dutch driver can push Hamilton to the limits here as well. As far as the cars go, Mercedes is known to be strong in slow corners, which will suit Hamilton in Singapore, whereas Red Bull boasts with strong results in high downforce tracks, which gives Verstappen an advantage as well.


Hard times for Vettel

Vettel has found himself as number two at Ferrari, which should not come off as a surprise considering how poorly he has been performing compared to his teammate Leclerc. It’s obvious the German can’t compete with the 11-years younger Leclerc as the leading driver, which leads us to believe the four-time champions could part ways with Ferrari at the end of the season, as he is surely not happy with playing the second fiddle to another driver. However, there are still seven more races to go, during which, Vettel will play a waiting game until the last race is finished and he re-evaluates what he wants to do with his career going forward. It’s safe to say, his morale is low, which consequently takes a tool on the whole team.


Underdogs could surprise

When it comes to talking about favourites to win, rare teams can compete with Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. That being said, it would not be wise to underestimate McLaren and Renault in this race.

McLaren remains at the fourth place in constructors standings ahead of Singapore Grand Prix with 83 points. That being said, their lead ahead of Renault took a severe hit in Italy, resulting in McLaren now being only 18 points clear of Renault who sit comfortably at fifth place. While the top three teams fight for the title, it’s all about the pride between McLaren and Renault, considering how McLaren is using Renault’s power unit, meaning it’s only the different drivers and chassis that separates the two teams.

Looking back, at Monza and Spa, Renault performed well, while McLaren struggled, indicating low downforce tracks are not up their alley. However, Marina Bay is a track where teams must stick to more downforce, giving McLaren an upper hand. It’s also worth noting McLaren have a solid record here, which should help them claim some much-needed points.

While we talk about underdogs, we have to mention Racing Point, who had some issues with the financial situation at the start of the season, but it seems like everything is sorted now, and they can finally make a push for a top-four finish. Their top driver, Sergio Perez has put up some solid results recently, finishing top eight in his last 4/5 races at Marina Bay. Furthermore, he impressed with his seventh-place finish in Monza, despite starting the race at 18th place. All in all, he is in good shape heading into Singapore, and we believe he can finish in the points once more.


Prediction: Max Verstappen to win
Odds: 2.75 Bet365

Prediction: Lando Norris top 6 finish
Odds: 2.50 Bet365

Prediction: Perez to finish in the points
Odds: 2.25 Bet365


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