G2 Esports v FunPlus Phoenix – LoL Worlds Finals 2019

G2 Esports v FunPlus Phoenix - LoL Worlds Finals 2019

G2 Esports v FunPlus Phoenix - LoL Worlds Finals 2019

G2 Esports v FunPlus Phoenix – LoL Worlds Finals 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

The 2019 season of League of Legends is set to conclude this Sunday, November 10 at AccorHotels in Paris, France, where the LPL champions FunPlus Phoenix will clash with LEC champions G2 in what promises to be the biggest and most exciting esports fixture of the year.

The fixture will kick off on Sunday, November 10 at 13:00 CET and it will continue using the same best-of-five (Bo5) format as it did throughout the playoffs. The winner of the bout will be crowned the World Champion and will be awarded US $$834,375, while the losers will get to pocked $300,375 and an unfortunate memory of a day they almost reached the summit of professional LoL scene.


G2 Esports carrying the European torch straight to the finals

G2 Esports entered the LoL World Championship as one of the three European teams, and the main representatives of the European region as the champions of LEC. Suffice to say a lot of expectations were put on G2 to perform up to par and not only finish deep into the tournament but go straight to the finals and reclaim the Summoner’s Cup, which was ripped away from Europe in 2012 by Asian teams.

Looking back at G2’s road to the finals, the European champions finished their group stage as second seed after an unfortunate tie-breaker defeat against Griffin. And while it will be a loss G2 will not easily forget, it was also their only defeat of the tournament thus far. After finishing their group stage second, G2 entered the playoffs, where they got paired with the promising Korean roster, DAMWON Gaming, who were seen by many as one of the strongest teams at the tournament. DAMWON, while a strong team, were not nearly strong enough to defeat G2, who exposed their weaknesses and defeated them (1-3) with relative ease. After dismantling DAMWON, G2 emerged like a serious contender for the title, yet there were some concerns, seeing how even G2 had their moments of weakness. To be completely fair those moments were not so much due to the lack of quality, but simply because G2 seemed like they were not taking their fixtures too seriously. That said, they proved all the doubters wrong with what they have shown in their semi-finals bout against SKT T1.

The way G2 approached their clash with the main tournament favourites unveiled qualities G2 had, many people were not aware of. The European champions out-macroed the team which is known to be the top dog when it came to macro play. And not only that. G2 proved to be more than just comparable in the laning phase, which especially holds true for Rasmus “Caps” Winther. Caps was remarkable throughout the tournament but reached new heights in G2’s clash with SKT where he put up a very solid fight against Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and once more played a pivotal role in G2’s success.

While we talk about great performances, we can’t ignore Luka “Perkz” Perković, who was, just phenomenal. Much like Caps, Perkz seems to get better as the tournament progresses, and while it’s hard to compare Perkz’s impact on the map with Caps’, the Croatian ADC is without a doubt one of the main reasons why G2 are now flying to France for their grand finals bout against FPX.


FunPlus Phoenix’s first Worlds and first finals

The Chinese champions entered the 2019 World Championship as the second favourites to claim the title, which was shocking to see, considering how stacked the lineup was at the tournament. By many FPX were seen as a severely overrated team and their iffy performance in the group stage did not help their cause.

FPX got seeded into group B alongside GAM Esports, Splyce and J Team, which was objectively the weakest group out of all four. For that reason, FPX were expected to finish the group with a perfect 6-0 score, however, the LPL champions fell flat on the very first day, when they lost to J Team, which raised some concern whether FPX are really as strong as they were portrayed to be. After some iffy performances in the group stage, FPX managed to finish with a 4-2 record, defeated Splyce in the tiebreaker and finished as the first seed.

At this point, FPX were seen as a team who entered the playoffs as a severely overrated roster, seeing how they struggled against some of the weakest teams present at Worlds. Still, they were presented with a chance to redeem themselves in the quarter-finals, where they met with the home favourites, and 2011 World Champions – Fnatic. FunPlus Phoenix managed to demolish Fnatic 1-3, which on the paper was an impressive result. That said, Fnatic severely underperformed, meaning FPX still had a lot to prove to be considered as a real threat for the title. And it would be safe to say FPX finally proved their worth in the semi-finals where they crushed the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming 1-3 to secure a spot in the finals in their first-ever Worlds appearance.

Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang and Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang were the two main men behind FPX’s success this tournament and while all five members of the team played admirably well it was the mid-jungle duo who are the two main reasons why FPX crushed IG and the main reason they are now flying to Paris where they will look to claim the Summoner’s Cup.


Verdict & Prediction

Looking at how the two sides played so far, there is little to separate them solely based on their results. That said, there are some small differences that will set them apart here, and tip the scale into one team’s favour.

If we look at the match-up lane-by-lane, we have to start at the top. In the top lane Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem will meet with Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen in what should be a close clash. Neither player impressed enough to make us believe they have an advantage over the other. That said, neither underperformed enough to make us believe they will lose to his opponent. All things considered, it will be a 50/50 lane and considering G2 and FPX don’t play to win in the top lane, this matchup should not have too big of an impact on the final outcome anyway.

In the jungle Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski will clash with Tian, which should be an interesting matchup. From what we have seen, Tian should have an advantage over the Polish jungle, solely due to his aggressive playstyle in the early game. That said, Jankos is known for his incredible vision control, as he is entering the finals as the jungler with the highest vision score. The impact of Jankos has with his vision and denial of enemy’s vision is a massive factor why G2 can outplay their opponents with their macro play. For that reason alone, Jankos will prove to be a much more beneficial player to his team compared to Tian in mid-late game. In other words, early game should belong to FPX, while mid-late game will favour Jankos and G2.

Mid lane will be under all the spotlight, as it will feature two biggest stars of their respective teams; Caps and Doinb. Both performed admirably well throughout the tournament, but we have to give Caps the edge here. Not only is he the driving force behind G2’s dominant run this year, he more than proved his worth time and time again, but reached new height when he dismantled Heo “Showmaker” Su and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Much like Doinb, Caps is known to put immense pressure on the opponents by constantly roaming. That said, he manages to do so and win his lane at the same time. Caps will enter the finals ranked first in CSD@15 (+11) on top of leading the leaderboard in solo kills (10). In terms of overall map presence, impact on the game and lane potency, we have to side with Caps, who should deliver once more.

Last but not least, we have the bottom lane, where we will once again give G2 a slight edge. Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang and Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song are by no means a pushover, especially Crisp, who has proven to be one of the top three supports at the tournament. That said, G2 have something FPX don’t. And that something is Perkz, who has been just phenomenal. “Uma Jan” has not only been performing great throughout the whole season, Perkz got increasingly better. He will enter the finals ranked second in CSD@15 (+14) and second in kill participation. Another thing worth noting here is Perkz’s potency with Xayah, which is something FPX must take notice of and do their best to not allow him to get his hands on the champion. SKT T1 made the mistake of letting Xayah open in game one and game three of the series and Perkz made them pay the ultimate price for it. Having the pressure put on their opponents, where they are forced to ban out Xayah and Syndry from Caps will give G2 a huge advantage in the draft, meaning they have an advantage even before the game will start.

All things considered, G2 seem like they are much better equipped and prepared for the finals compared to FPX. While the LPL champions are not to be underestimated, G2 have shown immense progress as a team as well as on the individual level, which is a reason enough for us to believe this Worlds final is G2’s to lose.


Prediction: G2 to win
Odds: 1.909