Griffin v Invictus Gaming – World Championship 2019

Griffin v Invictus Gaming - World Championship 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

Griffin v Invictus Gaming - World Championship 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

Griffin v Invictus Gaming – World Championship 2019 Betting Preview and Prediction

League of Legends World Championship quarter-finals will kick off on Saturday, October 26 with a fixture between Griffin and Invictus Gaming, two of the strongest Asian teams who will settle with nothing less than a win and a ticket into the semi-finals. However, only one can come out victorious, crushing their opponents’ dreams of claiming the prestigious Summoners’ Cup.


Griffin unphased by organization’s turmoil

Griffin have found themselves under the spotlight and not so much due to their phenomenal run in the group stage, but rather due to internal issues, which casted a shadow over the Korean’s organization name. It all started with the departure of cvMax as the head coach of Griffin, who took a nobody-team and brought them to the top of LCK, where Griffin fought with the elite Korean teams and more time than not came out on top. That said, who whole situation around Griffin worsened after accusations surfaced claiming their (now former) manager Cho Gyu made shady business with an LPL team JD Gaming, forcing one of his own players into signing an unfair contract for his own benefit. It’s safe to say it’s not been the best month for Griffin as an organization, That said, Griffin are doing exceptionally well in their quest to claim the World Champions title in Europe, where they proved their worth in the group stage and are now faced with the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming.

Looking back at Griffin’s group stage campaign, the Korean powerhouse impressed everyone by claiming the top seed, which they achieved by demolishing G2 in the tiebreaker, where Griffin demonstrated their true strength. Was that fixture a display how stronger Griffin are compared to LEC champions, or did G2 simply have a bad day is up to debate, however, it’s safe to say Griffin showed enough throughout the group stage to recognize them as a real threat for the title.

While filled with exceptional players there is one that stands out from the rest and will most likely serve as the biggest win condition for Griffin in their meeting with 2018 World Champions. We are of course talking about Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong, who has proven time and time again he is an elite jungler and quite possibly the best jungler in the world.


Invictus Gaming looking towards their second Worlds title

Invictus Gaming entered 2019 World Championship as the reigning world champions, however, they were far from being considered a favourite to repeat that feat, and it’s easy to see why. The Chinese powerhouse were not nearly as dominant this season as they were a year before, which holds true both in their domestic league as well as in international events. Not only didi Invictus famously lost to Team Liquid 1-3 in the semi-finals of 2019 MSI, IG also failed to impress in the LPL, where they finished seventh-eighth in the summer split. That said, they did manage to come through the regional finals, but even there Invictus failed to inspire much hope. In round one, IG barely defeated JD Gaming (3-2) and went on to struggle against Top Esports (3-2) in the finals, and while IG did earn a spot in the Worlds, their road to the Worlds was barely worth a praise.

In the group stage, IG got paired with DAMWON, Team Liquid and ahq eSports Club, where they managed to claim the second seed with a 4-2 record. While IG had fairly easy time against TL and ahq eSports Club, it was DAMWON who proved to be too tough of a nut to crack. And while IG played well (enough) to claim the ticket for playoffs, their performances were nowhere near as good as we had hoped. IG possess incredibly gifted individuals, but at the same time come off as a team who is not organized well enough to compete for the title once more. They do have their moments when they are unstoppable though, but those moments have become a huge rarity this season.


Verdict & Prediction

From what we have seen, IG’s only win condition here is Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok, whereas other lanes and positions don’t inspire much hope. Mid lane between Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon should be a toss up, as they have both displayed an immense level of skill and form so far, and the same can be said for the bottom lane, where IG and Griffin seem to be fairly equally matched. That said, the biggest mismatch of this fixture will happen in the jungle, where Tarzan will face Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning, who has not shown enough so far to make us believe he is of the same level of quality as Tarzan.

All things considered, IG will have an advantage in the top lane, whereas Griffin will have an upper hand in the jungle. That said, we have one problem with TheShy. So far into the tournament, we saw him getting a huge lead in several fixtures, however, he always fails to take advantage of that. He might crush his laner, but when it comes to carrying his team, TheShy comes short. Furthermore, he will have a hard time completely crushing Sword, to begin with. Tarzan on the other side knows very well how to snowball from the lead, which is a reason enough for us to side with Griffin here.


Prediction: Griffin to win
Odds: 1.72 Bet365