League of Legends – LCS Spring Week 2 – Day 3

Everything is set for the final two fixtures of the second week of LCS 2020 Spring Split, where we will see Dignitas lock horns with FlyQuest, followed by a heavily anticipated clash between two arch-rivals Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid, who will renew their hostilities on the Rift.

In this betting preview, we will look over the four teams and provide all the details about their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately their chances to triumph and end Week 2 on a positive note.


FlyQuest vs Dignitas
Monday, February 3 – 17:30 PST

It’s been almost a day and I still can’t comprehend what FlyQuest were doing in their meeting with Team Liquid earlier on Sunday. To say they got stomped into the dirt would be an understatement, as they produced one of the most disappointing and outright humiliating performances of the season.

We had high expectations for FlyQuest following their 2-0 week one, but the way they lost in their most recent match, we lost all hope this team can swim with the top dogs of LCS. While the whole team played like a bunch of silver players who happened to find themselves in an LCS match, the one player who stood out was Omran “V1per” Shoura as he was arguably the worst player in his team. That will be a huge problem, considering he is facing one of the best top-laners in the league and arguably one of the best in the world – Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon.

And it’s not only the top lane where we are confident Dignitas will hold a significant advantage. Seeing how Dignitas field Henrik “Froggen” Hansen in the mid lane, FlyQuest won’t be able to count on Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage to carry them, and the same can be said for their bottom lane, where Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black and Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen played exceptionally well so far and there is no reason to believe they will underperform here.

Based on what FlyQuest have shown in week 2, we have no reason to believe they can impress and upset Dignitas. The only question here is whether FlyQuest can hold out the match for long enough for them to cover the 20.5 total kills line. We would say there is a chance Dignitas can close out this match fast enough to keep the total kill count under 20, but we are not prepared to take the risk at those odds.

Prediction: Dignitas -5.5 kills – 1.90 Pinnacle


Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming
Monday, February 3 – 18:30 PST

The rivalry between Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming started way back at the beginning of the competitive League of Legends and is still going strong to date. While the meetings between TSM and CLG became less enjoyable to watch in recent years due to TSM’s dominance, this Monday’s clash is foreseen to be a close one.

CLG are entering game four with a 0-3 record and while it was hard to imagine any LCS team will be 0-4 by the end of week two, we believe CLG are ready to take that crown. What exactly is going on in this team is anyone’s guess. They field some great individual talent, but for some reason, the roster just doesn’t work as intended and there are no signs of any improvement.

TSM on the other side are not in a much better position, however, they have shown a glimpse of greatness in their win over Evil Geniuses this Sunday. While the six-time LCS champions are still far from what we expected them to be at this point, we believe people don’t give TSM enough credit for what they can bring to the table. Once this roster will find its rhythm, TSM will be a force to be reckoned with and we are saying this now; people who sleep on TSM will be in for a shock by the end of the split.

Looking at this match, TSM are in our eyes a stronger team not only due to their superior individual quality but also due to their better macro play. Yes, they might be a bit passive at times, but they are without a doubt more organized than CLG, who not only lack macro play and synergy but are also one of the worst team fighting teams in the league.

Prediction: Team SoloMid -3.50 kills – 1.826


Best Bet: Team SoloMid -3.5 kills – 1.826