League of Legends – LCS Spring Week 3 – Day 3

The final two fixtures of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Week 3 are here, featuring Team Liquid’s clash with Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming’s meeting with Immortals, where CLG will be chasing their second win of the season.


Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians
Monday, February 10 – 17:30 PST

After a devastating defeat against 100 Thieves, Team Liquid will enter the final match of the week looking to bounce back in a bid to try and keep up the pace with Cloud9 before it’s too late.

In the said match against 100T, Team Liquid got completely demolished by Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho’s Aatrox and we can’t help but wonder what would happen if Ssumday would not be so far ahead. Nonetheless, Team Liquid played well and the fact that they managed to fend off 100T despite the fact 100T had an Infernal soul and 10k gold lead speaks louder than words.

Their next opponents are arguably the worst team in the league who are just painfully bad in all aspects of the game. We don’t know exactly what’s wrong with Golden Guardians, but whatever they’re doing it’s not working. The line is set at 7.5 kills and looking at these two teams and their performances, Team Liquid should be more than capable of closing out the match with eight kills to spare. We expect to see Golden Guardians struggling to keep up the pace with the reigning LCS champions, who won’t show any mercy this Monday.

Prediction: Team Liquid -7.5 kills – 2.00 Pinnacle


Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals
Monday, February 10 – 18:30 PST

Looking at what these two sides have shown so far, it’s hard to say which will come out on top as their playstyle is very unpredictable. Both sides have proven they can either play well and impress or completely fall flat and disappoint everyone, making this bout a 50/50.

Nonetheless, both teams are hungry for wins and it showed in their recent fixtures, where they played aggressively with high tempo. It’s hard to expect either will completely dominate the other, as they both have experienced players who, should keep this one close. The total kill line is set at 23.5, which is a bit too low for this match. These two teams need wins and in this meta no team has won by playing it safe. Expect a bloody match with plenty of kills on the scoreboard.

Prediction: Over 23.5 kills – 1.877 Pinnacle


Best bet: Over 23.5 kills – 1.877 Pinnacle