League of Legends – LCS Spring Week 5 – Day 2

Dignitas vs FlyQuest

It seemed like it would never happen, but Dignitas finally picked up their first win of the split this Saturday and will now look to claim their second in a row against FlyQuest, who are coming into this match after they lost to 100 Thieves in a rather humiliating fashion.

Despite the Saturday results, FlyQuest are still an overall better team and I have no issues seeing them priced as favorites heading into this match. Having said that, Dignitas have shown a much better form and look to be on the rise, whereas FlyQuest are slowly slowing down, which is a perfect recipe for a close match in what would otherwise be a rather one-sided bout.

Dignitas might not have the stand-out talent to compete for the W, but in all honesty, they should at least leave a dent in FlyQuest and pick up at least seven kills.

Prediction: Dignitas over 6.5 kills – 1.775


Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming

This one is very difficult to predict and while there are arguments to be made that Liquid have better players on their roster, we would also have no issues saying that CLG looked just as solid throughout the season as Liquid did, with not as many star players.

Last week CLG lost to C9 and TSM, whereas Liquid barely picked up a win against Immortals and edged out FlyQuest in a match that should in all honesty end the other way around. Nevertheless, Liquid deserves a lot of praise for their comeback in that game so there’s that.

Stat-wise, Liquid tend to have better objective control, better vision control and are also slightly better in farming, albeit lack some of the aggression CLG has. Besides that, the main strength of this team is somewhat equally distributed between ADC, mid and top lane.

Comparing those players, I don’t see any massive gap between Impact and Ruin, whereas Pobelter should hold his own against Jensen, considering he outperformed Bjergsen against TSM. The bottom lane, however, is the biggest mystery. Stixxay can have his flashes of greatness, whereas Tactical can have his flashes of inconsistencies and the other way around.

Overall, I like Liquid better, but I don’t believe the outright odds are fair. Liquid are still the most likely winners, but I don’t see how they will manage to dominate here. CLG have shown they can hold their own and should at least make Liquid work for the win by taking advantage of Liquid’s mistakes and pick up a few kills.

CLG have managed 11 average kills per game this split and even secured 18 against 100 Thieves, 16 against TSM and 12 against FlyQuest. Liquid, on the other side gave up 19 deaths to FlyQuest, nine against Immortals and Dignitas, and 11 against C9.

Prediction: CLG over 7.5 kills – 1.793