League of Legends – LEC Spring Week 9 – Day 2

SK Gaming vs Excel Esports
Saturday, March 28 – 17:00 CET

SK shocked everyone with their win over Rogue on Friday, however, that does not mean they’re a strong team now. There are still way too many issues they need to fix, namely their draft and macro play. Excel, on the other side, have solid drafts and a decent idea on how to approach macro play, yet their players still lack some experience.
In theory, SK could impress once more, if they can enter this match with the same fire as they showed on Friday, however, for the sake of a betting prediction, an over 23.5 kills bet seems more appealing. SK will most likely get ahead early, but fall behind in mid-late game.

Prediction: Over 23.5 kills – 1.917 at Pinnacle


Schalke 04 vs Rogue
Saturday, March 28 – 18:00 CET

At this point, it does not even matter who wins and doesn’t. The race, in theory, included MAD Lions, Misfits and Rogue, but in reality, Rogue have zero to no chance of securing the top-four spot. Due to the lack of motivation of Rogue, we have hard time believing they will show up here and deliver, which is why siding with Schalke is much more appealing bet to take. What’s more, the total kills line is set at 22.5, which is a bit too low, especially considering both sides tend to set a fast tempo for their fixtures.

Prediction: Schalke 04 to win – 2.65 at Pinnacle
Prediction: Over 22.5 kills – 1.943 at Pinnacle


Origen vs MAD Lions
Saturday, March 28 – 19:00

It’s now or never for MAD Lions, who need to defeat Origen in a bid to secure a top-four finish and while Origen have proven before they are a much stronger team compared to Lions, it’s safe to say they won’t put up too much of resistance this weekend.

In these matches, it really comes down to whether the team that has no reason to win (Origen) lets the other side win or not. If both teams play at the best of their abilities, Origen will completely crush MAD Lions, if not, it will be Lions who will be doing the crushing.

MAD Lions are priced at 3.06 to win, which is very tempting bet to take and while they might be fighting an uphill battle against Origen, the inflated odds are way too high to ignore.

Prediction: MAD Lions to win – 3.06 at Pinnacle – Best Bet


Fnatic vs Vitality
Saturday, March 28 – 20:00

The same thing as with Schalke vs Rogue, only here, Fnatic are a far stronger team, who should on the paper come out ahead. That being said, Vitality did not look all too bad in recent weeks, which might be due to the fact there is no more pressure on them to perform. This match holds no importance, which is why we might see some unusual drafts from Fnatic, which will give Vitality a fighting chance for an upset win.

Prediction: Vitality +10.5 – 1,934 at Pinnacle
Prediction: Vitality to win – 9.140 at Pinnacle


G2 Esports vs Misfits
Saturday, March 28 – 21:00

The exact same thing as with MAD Lions and Origen – Misfits desperately need a win, while G2 don’t need anything from this bout. G2 are also highly likely to pull out an unusual draft just so they can entertain their fans, giving Misfits a solid chance to come out ahead. Still, G2 are the strongest team in Europe, meaning they can win with almost any team composition. For that reason, siding with Misfits at +8.5 kills seems like a much safer bet here.

Prediction: Misfits +8.5 kills – 1.943 at Pinnacle