Please refresh the site if the graph doesn’t load. Last Update: 6.7.2021

Profit per Month


Last Update: 6.7.2021, results are updated once per month. About +20 units(mostly thanks to horse racing) were made in May 2019, but none of these bets were added to the official records as they were all added for free on social media due to the transition from email service to the premium subpage. There was also almost no activity in May 2021 due to the transition to the current system.

Retired Systems/Models
NASCAR: no significant interest from subscribers to continue. We haven’t really covered anything publicly, but it will return to the free section soon.

MMA: Low amount of bets, positive results over four years (8% ROI). We will still cover some “bigger” bouts for free on our website.

Overwatch League: a little over 15% ROI over more than 350 bets, but we don’t see any future in this game as it’s slowly losing interest amongst players and organizations. There is still money to be made for those willing to invest time, but it is just not viable for me personally. Bets were not added to the graph above, because there is simply no chance that we will cover OWL ever again.

NCAAB: 122 bets, +8.96 Units, 7,1% ROI, 51,6% win rate.

WNBA: +0.71 Units (9 bets).

Eurovision: A one-time thing, small loss (4 bets, 50% win rate, -0.76 units), we might send more bets in the future, but don’t expect any extensive coverage.

Dota 2: Only one Major tournament covered, a little over 1 unit of loss overall.

CoD League: Not viable for us – Although the league’s production has improved, the league as a whole is way too volatile with weekly roster changes and questionable competitive integrity due to server problems. CDL is returning to LAN for the final stretch of the 2021 season, so we might revisit this title in the future.

NBA and NCAAF models are currently on hold.

Current Sytems/Models Profiles (from 27.5.2021 onwards)

UsernameProfitYieldHit rateAll picksAverage
League of Legends+6.57+36.50%61.11%182.40
International Soccer+5.25+11.41%47.83%462.08
Australian Soccer+1.75+43.75%50.00%43.57
UK Soccer+1.02+102.00%100.00%12.02
IRL Soccer+1.00+33.33%33.33%34.64
European Soccer-1.00-100.00%0.00%14.04
AR Soccer-1.00-100.00%0.00%13.98
BR Soccer-1.09-18.17%16.67%65.11
Asian Soccer-1.20-10.00%50.00%122.69
US Soccer-8.33-30.85%29.63%272.05
Nordic Soccer-8.49-28.30%30.00%302.20

Bets Sent via Email (from 27.5.2021 onwards)

Horse Racing
: +19,60 Units, 34,3% ROI

Golf: +49,04 Units, 160,3% ROI

Tennis: -3,89 Units, -10,00% ROI

Cycling: -5,00 Units, -100,00% ROI

F1: +3,11 Units, 103,07% ROI

Last Update: 6.7.2021 These bets cant be added to the profiles just yet, but we are working on that.