S.E. Melbourne Phoenix v Brisbane Bullets – NBL

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix v Brisbane Bullets - NBL Betting Preview and Prediction

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix v Brisbane Bullets - NBL Betting Preview and Prediction

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix v Brisbane Bullets – NBL Betting Preview and Prediction

On Sunday, October 13, we will see South East Melbourne and Brisbane Bullets lock horns, hoping they can keep up the momentum from their game one of 2019/20 NBL season and claim their second win. That being said, there can only be one winner in this clash between two promising and talented sides.


South East Melbourne hot off a derby win

South East Melbourne enjoyed a perfect start of their NBL campaign with an impressive 91:88 win against Melbourne United, who failed to match the strength of their city rivals. But that is not to say SEM had an easy time against Vickerman’s men who made them work hard to earn the W.

The fixture between Melbourne United and South East Melbourne started off with a close and exciting first quarter, where teams combined 43 points, yet it was Melbourne United who walked away with a minimal lead of one point (22:21). However, SEM came back strong in Q2 where they outclassed their rivals and went on to outscore them by seven (28:21), thus earning a seven-point lead before the halftime. The third quarter continued in a similar fashion, meaning SEM once again proved they are the stronger side, yet this time to a lesser degree (20:17). Nonetheless, by that point, they already earned an impressive nine-point, which set them up nicely to earn their first win in the NBL. Last quarter proved to be a complete contrast to the last two, seeing how it was Melbourne United who started to perform up to par and even went so far to catch up with SEM and close the gap at 84:84. However, they failed to keep up the rhythm as they went down 88:91 to start their season with an L.

Creek was the man of the match with 28 points, 11 rebounds and three assists. Goulding and Long from United were close behind with 27 and 26 points respectively. As far as the remainder of SEM squad is concerned, Roberston was the second-best scorer with 20 points and Adnam third with 11, two rebounds, two assists and a steal. It’s also worth noting Magden came close to a double-double with nine points and eight rebounds, whereas Pineau put up eight rebounds, two assists, steal and two blocks, but no points. All in all a solid performance from SEM, despite not playing Hickey, Acouth and Armstrong.


Brisbane Bullets looking for the second win of the season

Brisbane Bullets will travel to Melbourne following their impressive nine-point win over Illawarra Hawks at WIN Entertainment Centre on Sunday, October 6. Looking back at that fixture, it was a relatively close one up until the third quarter, where Brisbane Bullets really took off. The first quarter ended with only one point in between the two sides (26:27), while the second ended with 21-all (21:21), meaning Bullets entered the second half with a one-point lead. Knowing one-point lead is too close for comfort, the Brisbane outfit turned on their jet engines and outclassed Illawarra Hawks on both sides of the court, earning an additional eight-point lead (22:14), which proved to be more than enough to secure them a win. Last quarter ended just like the second, with nothing to separate the two sides (20:20), meaning Bullets got to walk away with their first W of the season. Top scorers of the night were Patterson with 25 points, eight rebounds and four assists, followed by Brooks from Hawks with 23 points, three rebounds and three assists and Sobey at third with 17 points, four rebounds and two assists. Other notable performance came from Giddon with 10 points, nine rebounds and two assists.


Verdict & Prediction

This fixture can easily be described as a battle between Adnan and Cadee, which will have an immense effect on how this game end. Both teams have some incredibly gifted individuals, and huge depth in the squad, which should make this one a highly entertaining one. Putting the teams’ starters side-by-side it’s hard to call out which one comes out ahead, both defensively and offensively, which is why we believe it will all come down to Adnan versus Cadee. In that regard, we believe it will be Adnam’s explosiveness, his ability to penetrate under the basket on top of his long-range threat that will make the difference.


Prediction: South East Melbourne +0.00 Points
Odds: 2.02 Pinnacle