Team SoloMid vs Dignitas – LCS 2020 Summer playoffs

After being humiliated by Golden Guardians in the upper bracket of LCK 2020 Summer playoffs, Team SoloMid will now clash with Dignitas, who might not be one of the strongest teams in the league, but they definitely are one of the most exciting of the remaining eight.

Dignitas barely managed to squeeze their way into the playoffs, but it would be fair to say they deserved it. As a team tart struggled throughout most of the split, Dignitas looked surprisingly strong in the latter stages, especially their bottom lane. ADC Johnsun has proven time and time again he can be one of the best ADCs in the league, which becomes that much more impressive considering the team he is playing in.

He has the second-highest CSPM (9.7) in the league, seventh-highest KDA (3.9) and fourth-highest GD @15 (+139). The problem with Dignitas bottom lane, however, is inconsistency. One day we will see Johnsun solo carry his team to victory only to fall flat the next which is not something you would want from your main win condition.

In fact, the whole team is more times than not a coin-flip. Dignitas will either stomp their opponents into the dirt or fail to put up a single kill on the board. It’s worth noting, however, that most of their bad games came due to their poor drafts meaning that Dignitas are not a terrible team – as long as they can draft properly.

Besides that, we have to mention just how good Dignitas’ jungler Dardoch has looked like as of late. He has seventh-highest KDA out of all junglers (3.2), fourth-highest KP% (73.7), second-highest GD @15 (+268) and fairly high 46.2FG%. It’s worth noting that numbers combine stats throughout the whole season and that Dardoch has looked significantly better as of late.

Top laner V1per and mid laner FeniX are 50/50 most of the time. Having said that, V1per looks very solid on Riven/Camille, while FeniX is one of the best Azir/Orianna players in the league.

As for TSM, they looked disgustingly bad in their series against Golden Guardians and based on what they have shown, they deserved to lose 0-3. Doublelift was difficult to watch and his misplays (forgetting to buy on back etc.) don’t inspire much confidence he will perform here.
Surprisingly enough, only Broken Blade looked somewhat decent in the series, yet even he did not look good, and the same can be said for Bjergsen, who got shut down in the mid lane. Additionally, TSM’s drafts were just bad and while some individual slip-ups can be improved, drafting is a much more difficult thing to fix.

After that game, it’s safe to say TSM look like a complete mess and while such performance might inspire players to show up here, I’m not too certain a 0-3 did anything good for their morale. If Dignitas manage to win game one, it will likely all come apart for TSM, who are not a team I would say is stable, nor does it have the synergy to compete for top spots. Dignitas are still a coin-flip team, but they’re a much more consistent coin than TSM.

Prediction: Dignitas +1.5 maps – 2.52